Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Olé!

Poor Tuesday-- it's probably the most overlooked of days, isn't it? It's got none of the piety of Sunday, or the love-to-hate-it of Monday, or the mid-weekness of Wednesday, or the thankfulness of Thursday, or the TGI of Friday, or the joie de vivre of Saturday. Tuesday's got nothing.

Except around here.  Tuesday is hotly anticipated by both me and my favorite fella, because that's the day we have a standing dinner date.  The cuisine?  Duh.  Mexican! Every Tuesday we know that we're about to work ourselves into an enchilada, carne asada, chips and salsa stupor.  So today, I'm thankful for Tuesday, excellent company, and glorious, glorious Mexican food. :)

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All8 said...

Do you have a favorite Mexican restaurant out there? There are two in our little town, but I like one more than the other, even though the salsa is better at the other place.